747ADAS Thru-Roof Cable Connectors (AL-AL)

747ADAS Thru-Roof Cable Connectors (AL-AL)


Thru-Roof or Thru-Wall Cable Connector for Aluminum to Aluminum. (Parallel Splicer to Straight Splicer).

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Combination connector for thru-wall or thru-roof cable penetration — draws tight to top and bottom of PVC cap to be installed on PVC conduit stubbed through the wall or up through the roof. A neoprene washer is provided to draw tight to top of PVC cap and provides a moisture seal. Cable clamp No. 55D or No. A55D, lug No. 55B or No. A55B, or tee connector No. 42A or No. A42A furnished for the top end — straight connector 42 for bottom end to be concealed in 1” PVC — straight connector 42L or A42L for bottom end to be concealed in 1-1/4” PVC. For copper-to-copper connection, all components are copper or bronze except nuts and washers which are stainless steel — for copper-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-aluminum connection, the threaded rod, nuts and washers are stainless steel — threaded rod 1/2” diameter. Overall dimensions – 1.930” x 5.25”.

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