743ADCD Thru-Roof Cable Connectors (AL-CU)

743ADCD Thru-Roof Cable Connectors (AL-CU)


Thru-Roof Cable Connector for Aluminum above roof and Copper below roof. (Parallel Splicer below roof).

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Combination connector for thru-roof cable penetration — draws tight to top and bottom of composition or metal roof surface. Neoprene washers and a cast bronze or aluminum flashing cone provide a moisture seal. Cable clamp No. 55D or No. A55D, lug No. 55B or No. A55B, or tee connector No. 42A or No. A42A furnished for either end (any of these connectors fits main sized cables through 9/16” diameter). For copper-to-copper connection, all components are copper or bronze except nuts and washer which are stainless steel — for copper-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-aluminum connection, the threaded rod, nuts and washers are stainless steel. Threaded rod 1/2” diameter, standard length 24” — other lengths available upon request.

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Weight 1.9375 lbs